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4 min readJun 29, 2023

5 Crypto Projects that have immense potential in the 2023–24 bullrun

In the 2023–24 bull run, Lukso Blockchain, Energy Web Token, Conflux, OriginTrail, and Moonbeam Network showcase immense potential in enhancing transparency, enabling renewable energy solutions, securing supply chains, and promoting cross-chain interoperability.

Lukso Blockchain is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain that introduces several innovative features and standards. It has developed ERC725, a standard for digital identity and ownership, enabling the creation of a Universal Profile that spans multiple applications and platforms. The platform also supports the LSP token standard, which facilitates the creation and management of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Lukso Blockchain aims to provide a robust infrastructure for the creative industries, allowing for new forms of digital interaction, tokenized assets, and enhanced consumer experiences.

Energy Web Token ($EWT) powers the Energy Web Chain, a blockchain platform designed specifically for the energy sector. EWT enables enterprises and individuals to participate in a decentralized energy ecosystem. Energy Web Token’s notable initiatives include Energy Web X, a program focused on blockchain interoperability, and the Enterprise Renewable Energy Blockchain, which provides transparency and traceability in renewable energy markets. Additionally, EWT contributes to the Green Proof for Bitcoin protocol, making it more environmentally friendly.

Conflux is a public blockchain project originating in China. It aims to address scalability and security issues by utilizing a tree-graph structure, allowing for parallel processing and efficient consensus. Conflux has gained attention for its integration with the Little Red Book, a popular social commerce platform, which utilizes NFTs to verify the authenticity of luxury goods. Another notable aspect of Conflux is its blockchain SIM card, which enables secure access to decentralized applications and services.

OriginTrail focuses on supply chain traceability and transparency. It utilizes a decentralized knowledge graph to connect data from various stakeholders and provide verifiable and auditable information. The platform enables businesses to track and verify the origins, certifications, and quality of products throughout the supply chain. OriginTrail also integrates decentralized language models, such as GPT, to enable secure and privacy-preserving data analytics within the supply chain ecosystem.

Moonbeam Network is a Polkadot parachain designed to provide compatibility and interoperability for Ethereum-based applications. It achieves this through its Wormhole bridge, enabling seamless cross-chain communication and asset transfers. Moonbeam Network also includes a cross-chain liquidity protocol, allowing assets to be transferred and utilized across multiple blockchains within the Polkadot ecosystem. This interoperability opens up new possibilities for developers and users seeking to leverage the capabilities of multiple blockchains simultaneously.

In summary, these blockchain projects each bring unique features and innovations to the industry.

Lukso Blockchain focuses on digital identity, tokenization, and enhanced consumer experiences.

Energy Web Token powers the energy sector’s decentralized ecosystem, promoting transparency and renewable energy initiatives.

Conflux addresses scalability and security in public blockchains, integrating with popular platforms like Little Red Book.

OriginTrail provides supply chain traceability and decentralized data analytics.

Moonbeam Network facilitates cross-chain interoperability within the Polkadot ecosystem, enabling seamless asset transfers and utilization.

Collectively, these projects contribute to the growth and advancement of the blockchain industry, addressing key challenges and unlocking new possibilities for decentralized applications and services.

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